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Founded in 1995 by Rev. Mike Domangue in Boulder, Colorado formerly from the ministry "Our Church" of Little Rock, Arkansas established by the infamous former Mayor of Anchorage, Alaska; Tom Brown in 1989. (refer to our homepage link for "OUR CHURCH")



Celebrating Marijuana The Sacred Herb

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act gives us law to defend ourselves for spiritual use of marijuana. We once thought the First Amendment to the Constitution guaranteed our religious freedom, but state and federal statutes have been given priority until now, and deprived us of our basic right to worship or serve the Creator in our own way.

Since the RFRA was signed into law (1993) there have been 4 court cases to determine the scope of the law. But once religious exemption is claimed, the state must prove "compelling interest" in maintaining illegal status, and must also use 'least restrictive means" Of regulating the illegal substance in question.

Once legal use is established, laws must be set in place to provide for legal trading or sale of spiritual supplies, as well as public gathering for purposes of building community and having fellowship. Taken to the logical conclusion, we should able to grow our own, to smoke openly, and obtain spiritual supplies in Amsterdam-style coffeehouses, serving the needs of the local marijuana churches.

Many of us who use marijuana acknowledge it as a spirit-plant. While our paths are as different as we are, our common spiritual link is that we use this herb to access consciousness, much like Native Americans using peyote, or Brahman using soma mushrooms. In order to begin the process of legal recognition for use of spirit-herb, Sacred Herb Church is now formed. All faiths are welcome and hopefully will be represented. The only way we will be free is to risk coming out of our closets, and being recognized as responsible citizens of our community, and by using laws written for our benefit. Until then, brothers and sisters will continue to be imprisoned, casualties of the War on Drugs.

Sacred Herb Church

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SHC's First Disciple
Pictured Below Addressing the Church


(pictured above: "Reverend Lo" performing the Holy Sacrament as "Rev.Kefa" and "Rev.Becca" witness the rite.)


Sacred Herb Church is established to provide the following:

1. An all denominational religious experience that will lead to a greater understanding of God;

2. For the production of plants and herbs known to have value as medicine in the healing of the sick, and value as enhancers of the SPIRIT QUEST;

3. For the oppurtunity for research into the use of plants and herbs as medicine and to enhance the spirit quest;

4. A home for acts of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE in the tradition of Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr..;

5. SANCTUARY whenever and by whomever request it.



(scribed March 3, 1997)

Welcome to the "Sacred Herb Church"! We are an incorporated church; recognized and represented by several Attorneys. This church is what you make it! If you come here seeking a certain quality or a certain atmosphere, and you don't see it or feel it; then it is 'that' quality that quality that 'YOU' bring here. Each of us make up this "Sacred Circle" what it is. You get out of it what you put in to it. If you feel a certain way, believe a certain way, have your own point of view; then that is your "piece" to share here with everyone in this Circle!

The "Sacred Herb Church" is a free-formed spiritual fellowship with no ONE explanation of what or who is known as "God!" Each individual may believe whatever belief fills their 'Heart' about our creator and gives one's life a purpose in life.

The one main thing in this gathering; is that we come here to respect each other and the one common element that draws us here. A 'Sacred Herb'; which is naturally, and possibly divinely given to us; along with this Earth.

We are not here for a "Pot Party!" This is a moment for us to recognize that "Cannabis (Marijuana) Consciousness"; is a way of life. Cannabis (Marijuana) should be recognized, not as an "Intoxicant"; but as a "Healer". We are gathered here for a ritual of respect, for the 'Herb' that has let us feel 'Peace' and 'Univeral Love'; and that we all belong together as a familyl as 'All People' and 'All Creatures' of this Earth. Together, we have Sanctuary.

We have a collection of "Anonymous Giving & Anonymous Receiving"; consisting of money, food, cigarettes, crafts and gifts; which is later redistributed to anyone in the circle who feels that they need to receive something to help them at this time. Yet a small percentage of money is sometimes collected slowly to save money for any investments, fees, events, or rent that the church will incur. In some cases a separate collection is conducted to rent an indoor meeting place when warranted.

An Inner Circle of the Church exists; yet is unspoken and often deliberates invisibly. We are always looking for those people who have the best skills for the various responsibilities that are needed to keep the Church together.

The Power of the Church is shared equally and divided amongst all. No ONE person is the leader; for we are all "The Leader" here! This is "Your" church; this is our church! If offices are to be appointed; then they should be positions; not of power; but of responsibility.

Also we must ask: that if you are not over Eighteen years old; not to partake in the smoking of the Holy Sacrament! When we defend ourselves in a Court of Law; especially about "Sacred Herb Church" matters; and the separation betweent Church and State; we would be seen negligent and not taken seriously; if we were to share the controversial "Herb" with underage youth! We know that it is unfortunate for the Youth who wish to partake; yet they may still attend Church services for the diversity of spirituality and worship which we have aprt from Sacrament. Also; let there be no exchange or trading or business dealings of Cannabis or other illegally controlled substances or illegal items within functions of the Church; especially when it is in session.

On the highest note; we are a free-spirited group without boundaries or a solid agenda; and we are here to "Open Hearts" to each other and to the God Consciousness which breathes life within us all.

Now the Circle is open to you; to contribute your "Piece" to the Love of this group.




There is a Time and Place for everything There is a Time to Have; and to have not. To each one of you: there is your own limit for each one thing There is a specific selection of things you choose for each one; there is a specific frequency; There is a quality; there is a quantity. There is a moment to use something; and a moment not to use it.

It is your moment though; It is your choice. There is a season to hold things sacred, Sacred is when something is revered at certain moments, so one may appreciate the subtlety of details which are often missed, when one becomes obsessed with what Is sacred and ends up misusing or overusing Its sacredness, and finally becomes no longer sacred.

Keep something sacred, in your heart and in your life;

so it may always remain; renewing, through your struggle of daily strife.

Use it only when it's special, and not when you're at a loss;

use it to sharpen, what is mental, but then learn when to pause.

Use just a little to season to taste, just a subtle flavor to your experiences;

Donít overdo in haste, open your senses and your heart; observe Its miracles. All you need is to reach Its first step of consciousness:

It'll make you feel as you are perched on a tall rock, This is good, because the view is great;

if you go any deeper, the journey will seem to stop, it's unfortunate, you'll start to feel like your in a cave.

Bring yourself up to your first step, try not to go beyond;

push your senses to a point that is in Depth, and allow your senses to respond.

Taste the spices in the air, from the trees and the herbs; growing wild on the land.

from the scattered/ancient molecules, within our midsts from ancient worlds; with ancient rules.

Taste the crystals from a milleniae ago,

savor the memories of important lessons lived;

and repeat and relive the lessons you still have to know.

Take in the landcape, peer out on the prairie,

a desert of ancient lives; have been re-born into this Holy City.

Little do they know, little do We,

in everyone; elements of the past;

not so different from those lives from Galilee.

But don't forget what you hold Sacred, besides blessings from the Creator; hold HIGH those who share your lives;

- They, are Sacred!

Live in a ritual of health, not necessarily a ritual of "dabbling"; A nourished life will bring you wealth.

Possessions don't mean anything, it's the emotions you posses; that keep your energy fluctuating.

Possess positive energy, regardless of your frustrations or stress; you can become an enlightened entity.

Care for yourself and your sustainability, feed your body, mind and your soul; we are all capable of super-human ability; (for, it is human to be super).

Make your everyday life a ritual, be attentive in everything, you do; being conscious and aware of yourself ; is being self respectful.

Care of the soul is top priority! Merge it with attentativeness, of body and mind; and your life will reach synchronicity !!!

. - Rev. Jahn Kefa 1997