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Sacred Herb Church : Forward

       The Sacred Herb Church is an All-Denominational experience 
for all people who gather for the heart. It is not simply a group that
exhalts the use of Marijuana as a holy sacrament. Many people from 
many walks of life have sat with us in our circles and have shared 
their beautiful spiritual experiences with us without any reference to
Cannabis or Marijuana.

A large number of participants would not partake in holy sacrament because their beliefs lead them in different and various directions. What started out as a group born out of a church in Arkansas that was more directly involved with Marijuana; the Sacred Herb Church eventually evolved into a group that would gather specifically for the heart and family we established. Quite often the herb was not even present, yet the people gathered anyway because the reward was to be with each other pouring our hearts out in sharing.

Sacred Herb Church's founder was more radical than his constituency, and when he left; the church passed through several hands ending up in the laps of an ordained minister who taught reform and moderation who was called "Joshua" but whose name is Jahn Kefa; and a minister assisting him, called "Rebecca" but whose name is Otilia H. Wilkie; who never uses drugs except for a teenage curiosity once 30 years ago; and had taught absolute abstinence to the participants of the Sacred Herb Church.

During the reign of these two; any participants involved in any form of trafficking of drugs were driven away from the church and alcohol was not tolerated one bit. Although they held the tolerance for anyone who chose to use the holy sacrament of Marijuana only; and no other substance was permitted. Yet the sacrament was only used in the form of one or two tastes of the herb and was therefore used wisely and carefully and not permitted to be abused. There was the continuing reminder that we gather to be with each other, and experience God and spirituality through togetherness; as we quoted "Only to God, be the glory!"

Marijuana was only a stepping stone to bring the people to a passive mindset where all their hearts were open. When they experienced the open heart; "Rebecca" would take them a step further and show them how to capture the avenue to their open heart, and teach them to recreate that feelilng without the use of any substance.