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Marijuana AAA
Cannabis AAA



Boulder, Colorado U.S.A.

The really real Ganja church for the Twenty-First Century

"How many special people change?_How many lives are living strange?
Where were you while we were getting "high"?...
...Someday you will find me-caught beneath the landslide-in a Champagne Supernova in the sky!"
--song by OASIS




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The Many Links Concerning Sacred Herb Church

    (1988-1997-2001} and beyond

*please be patient with us; we are in "REVIVAL"
there still are disabled links here - DEC. 5, 2000 A.D. *

  • Foreward: A Quick Overview

  • The Parent Church-"OUR CHURCH"-Fayetteville, Arkansas & their Founder: The infamous Tom Brown
    (former Mayor of Anchorage, Alaska)

  • The Parent Church - "OUR CHURCH"-Fayetteville, Arkansas (2)The Arrest & Conviction of "Brown"

  • SACRED HERB CHURCH Founder "Rev. Michael Domangue" (Disciple of "Brown"): NEWS ARTICLE 1996 (POSTPONED)

  • SACRED HERB CHURCH-According to the Founding Father: Reverend Mike Domangue

  • THE EARLY DAYS-Sacred Herb Church: from the Trailer to the Refuge- the Courthouse Lawn-"Settler's Park" to "Central Park"(POSPONED)

  • Reverend Evan : The First Disciple of Sacred Herb Church & of "Domangue"

  • Wendy's Way: from the Original SHC congregation(POSPONED)

  • God's Gang -- Reverend Friendly : from the Original SHC Congregation

  • Minister-Ras Cougar &the One Love Zion Train:: Sacred Herb Church Trans-Am Missionary -- from the Original SHC Congregation

  • Rev. Domangue "At-Large": The "Heat" is on! ("Domangue's" disappearence underground) (POSTPONED)

  • The Short Reign &Resignation of Rev.Ev.-Surrogate Leader of the Church 12\96-01\97: in the "Upper Room" above "Wild Oats Market" (POSTPONED)

  • Brother Sky Makai : and the Making of the 1997 congregation (POSTPONED)

  • Rev. Jahn Kefa -- called "Joshua"-The NEW LEADER: the 1997 congregation & their move to "Canyon Park"

  • Brother "Pounds" : as the First Assistant of the 1997 congregation:(POSTPONED)

  • the Reformation of the Sacred Herb Church-1997:(the Next Generation)

  • Rev. Becca - Counselor of Abstinence: the "Pure Soul": Magdelena of 1997 -- Article @ HAND-TO-MOUTH MINISTRIES-ULC

  • Sister Rev. Carrie-original congregant-to succeed Kefa: but declined after 2 services

  • The EXODUS of the Main Family away from Boulder: May 1997 (POSTPONED)

  • The Repeal of the "RFRA": (Freedom of Religion Restoration Act) By The U.S. Supreme Court-The protectorate law of the FIRST AMENDMENT -- June 1997 (POSTPONED)

  • The Fall of the Church: disintergration of the Prominent Congregation (POSTPONED)

  • KEFA announces his bid to campaign for election: Boulder City Council (POSTPONED)

  • The Late Great Brother Rick Williams: his surrogacy and facilitaion of the Church and his Death; during the start of Kefa's political career

  • Colorado State Chiefs of Police-present $10,000.00 grant to Boulder: to create DATABASE and Record & Crackdown on all Marijuana Activism in the County -- KEFA RESIGNS after being Videotaped

  • Reverend Lo and his struggle to maintain the church:official surrogate leader of 1998 & original SHC congregant (as Kefa became less visible in the streets and more noted in the media)

  • 21 Brothers & 3 Sisters are Dead: Murder; Gov't Neglect; Carelessness; & Alcohol

  • The Annual Sacred Herb Church Reunion: during the High Holiday celebration of 4:20 (April 20) in the Central Park of downtown Boulder, Colorado

  • Reverend Lo's stay in Alamosa Springs, CO.and his visionary quest

  • SACRED HERB CHURCH-Reunion 4/20 '98 The $4000.00 "Sowing Seeds Earthweek Festival & 4:20 High Holiday Presentation"

  • SACRED HERB CHURCH-Reuinion 4/20 1999 (small humble gathering) The Day of the Columbine Massacre

  • SACRED HERB CHURCH-as a lady in waiting-1999: currently existing only in Cyberspace

  • 2000 A.D. The Reverend Lo's return and his Sacred Herb Church Revival for the "People in the Streets"


  • The Holy Book of the Sacred Herb Church:(CURRENTLY EDITING) minutes of the meetings

  • 4:20_1997 Photo Essay: KEFA Facilitating in Central Park; Boulder, Colorado

  • Medical Rights Test Case : Domangue's Day in Court 1998

  • D.A.R.E. - Leads To Drug Abuse: Sherriff Epp & Commissioner Beckner agree

  • (CANCELED)NEWS: Agua Das & the "Pot Rally"

  • (CANCELED)NEWS: Kefa Steps Down

  • NEWS: SHC Church wrangles with city police

  • (CANCELED)NEWS: "Hempstock '97"

  • Sacred Herb Church on Biblenet: Forum I

  • Sacred Herb Church on Biblenet: Forum II

  • >The Next Wave -- HAND-to-MOUTH MINISTRIES-ULC: a new ministry established by 3 of the SHC Ministers: Boulder, Colorado

  • Medicinal Marijuana Colorado: @ Atrocities & Controversies : The Opposing Organizations; Warring Against Each Other for the Same Cause.

    Family Links: Brothers, Sisters, & Strangers
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